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Okanagan Planning Solutions Inc

Our Designer

Okanagan Planning Solutions was incorporated in 2016. Our mission is to provide superior service by working closely with our clients and builders to produce first-class “home manuals” combined with beautiful 3D renderings. We supply a variety of custom designs. We'll happily suggest materials and design concepts to our clients aiding them in building their dream projects.


We understand that the fundamentals of any outstanding plan begin with first fully understanding the clients’ ambitions and inclinations. We recognize each individual client undertakings and offer a full commitment to their projects. We take into account a multitude of factors into the design process from budget to the individuals’ lifestyle, inspirations, and desires. We believe that when it comes to designing the client should and can get exactly what they aspire to.

Senior Designer

Paulo Kegles

Paulo originally moved to Canada from Brazil where he had a background in Mechanical Engineering. He has a decade of experience designing custom homes in Western Canada. He found this is his true passion and has never looked back.

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